Social Media Tool For DJs

TunePushr exists because sometimes your hands are too busy to tweet what's #NowPlaying

TunePushr takes your track lists and crafts them into social posts with images

Import Track lists

Import Your Track Lists

TunePushr allows you to import .CSV, M3U, Traktor .NML. You can also use Serato live playlists to import tracks as you play

Convert Track Details 
To Tweets

Convert Track Details To Tweets

Generate a tweet template to wrap around your track details, including #hashtags and @shoutouts to your radio station or collective

Replace Artists 
With @Usernames

Replace Artists With @Usernames

Build an artist list to give your favourite producers a shoutout as you play. The macro system finds names and switches them out for the Twitter handles you define.

Generate Images 
and Tweet!

Generate Images and Tweet!

Your track details form part of a dynamically generated image that features the artist @Username and avatar. You'd retweet it yourself if you could.

Andy Bee, Slime Recordings
TunePushr has been a great tool for me. Simple to use and saves so much time too. It's raised our engagement with fans and artists alike. Highly recommended.
Andy Bee, Slime Recordings Uses TunePushr for the Slimecast on Sub.FM with Aaron Static

Promote > Interact > Measure

Convert Track Details 
To Tweets

Customise Images Easily With Drag-n-Drop

Integrate your brand with TunePushr images to promote your station, event or yourself. Customisation is effortless with our Drag-n-Drop editor.

Replace Artists 
With @Usernames

Integrate Live Photos With Hypescout

Share the madness of your set from behind the decks or live from the dance floor using our mobile optimised Hypescout feature. Take photos on the fly, integrate into your TunePushr Images or send along the hype image with it.

Generate Images 
and Tweet!

Measure Your Impact With Hype Analytics

Retweets mean access to new audiences. Likes mean positive interaction with your existing audience. Engagement with producers means contact in your scene. Measure this easily in your Hype Analytics dashboard.

Built For DJs, By DJs


TunePushr was created by a DJ. It was workshopped with DJs to better hone the requirements of a busy mixmaster. It's been heavily tested by seasoned DJs and record labels. We know what the tastemakers need and have tailored the product to fit a jock's busy way of life. In a landscape where marketing is becoming nearly as important as the music you play, TunePushr is an essential weapon in the arsenal of any DJ that wants an easy way to connect with their community.

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